Monday, February 22, 2010

Quick one about MLB Spring Training...

So its now the first week of Spring Training and I am so relieved to get schedules for MLB games printed out and follow all the sports writers on their treks down to Florida and Arizona. The beginning of baseball season is like Christmas to me, I get giddy and excited like a little kid that the season is starting and I cannot get enough information about all of the news going on and images from training camps.

I know to some its just like a rough practice in Spring Training, but to me its exciting to see the teams begin to get warmed up again and to see them really gear up. Similar the exhibition games might not mean a whole lot but they are still entertaining and they are still baseball. I think they are fun to listen to when I can, at work or on the road, since they are usually during the day, like the games of old. I love listening to the games as it is, that blog will be sure to show its head this season, and so I always by the GameDay Audio subscription on so I dont miss anything. Its cheap and it keeps the feed coming during the season as well.

But I digress, spring training to me is not only about the coming of the season, but that hope of warmer temps, the greener grass, and those other spring-like sensations we all experience during the spring. As a kid it meant more because I had more time to enjoy it, but it still makes me feel all "warm and fuzzy." All in all, I am ready for some baseball. Its hard to go several months without it, so let's play ball and Go Orioles!

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